15 Dec 2014


Biar jadi tanda tanya, biar aku simpan di dada saja. (dan guwa lepas juga di blog)!

"Life is easy."

For you, not me. I've never met the true world. In my world, there are still many good people. And I still see many people craving for helps. And we didn't give our hands.

"No matter what, evil is everywhere, anytime."

Hati, Allah pegang. Diri, Allah jaga. Agreed.

"So, face the world. Don't afraid to be alone."

Bro, I'm already alone.

"Dreams like orang gila. Nothing impossible."

Gelak guling-guling sikit.

Maka aku jawab, "6 years then my dreams will come true."

"Make it fast. Nothing impossible. Everything possible yaw."


Maka tanpa kesedaran dan keegoan, aku jatuh 'rak' sama kau.

Worse, it's growing.

Worst, it's terrifying.

My Allah, save me!

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